Our trained sales staff has a combine experience of over 70 years in this industry to help you with the purchase of your new equipment. They are also up to date on all of the new financing options and sales discounts that will be available at the time of your purchase.

Billy R Burnett - Owner

Billy R Burnett

Phone: 573-442-1139
Started Business In 1974. He is the founder, he is where the buck stops, he is the decision maker, and he is so old he remembers the first John Deere plow. He also is still under the impression that photos steal your soul so you'll just have to stop in and say hello.
Travis Burnett - General Manager & Salesman

Travis Burnett

General Manager & Salesman
Phone: 573-442-1139
Part Owner and started with Lawn and Leisure in 1993. Legend has it that Travis has always been this height, but the incredible breadth of knowledge he has acquired over the years has caused him to expand to accommodate that rich depth of all things tractor and power equipment related.
Gary Werkmeister - Sales Manager

Gary Werkmeister

Sales Manager
Phone: 573-442-1139
Started with Lawn and Leisure in 1995. Legend has it that Gary and Travis were once the same height, but as Gary's knowledge of all things tractors grew, he grew in height another 7 inches to accommodate all the knowledge.
Jason Lewis - Sales

Jason Lewis

Phone: 573-442-1139
Started in 2016. He is the other salesman. Unlike Travis and Gary, he has remained the same height and size as when he first started, but, interestingly enough,he keeps getting better looking as his knowledge increases.
Jim Clark - Parts Manager

Jim Clark

Parts Manager
Don't let the old and grey fool you, he really is grumpy. He is also very good at helping you find the parts you need...or at least the door.
Richard Smith - Parts Department

Richard Smith

Parts Department
It is true, he does know where the pot of gold is. He told us. He also knows a lot about chainsaws which is the real reason he is with us.
John Williams - Parts

John Williams

Not the Star Wars theme composer, but very good at finding the part you need.
Mike Coleman - Shop Foreman

Mike Coleman

Shop Foreman
Mike may not have the parachute pants or the mad rhyming skills of M.C. Hammer, but when it comes to tearing down equipment and fixing problems both big and small, Mike - aka, M.C. Wrencher - is the guy you want managing the nuts and bolts of the shop.
Jason Snodgrass - SERVICE MANAGER

Jason Snodgrass

Always on point when it comes to running our shop...probably because his real talent is hitting the 50 pointer on the dart board.
Randy  Loesch - Service Writer

Randy Loesch

Service Writer
He's the anecdotalist for all occasions. The life experience of this one man translates out in his epic prose as a service writer putting him squarely in the category of - GREATEST SERVICE WRITER OF ALL TIME (read-in echo).
John Burnett - Driver

John Burnett

Phone: 573-442-1139
The G.O.A.T in a coat at trucking.
Jeanie Land - Book keeping

Jeanie Land

Book keeping
Phone: 573-442-1139
Keeping our numbers straight before sunrise since '05